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MAILIFE Institut

MAILIFE INSTITUTE is the answer to cutting-edge research in the life sciences. Our unique approach combines natural and social sciences, allowing us to bridge gaps between academic disciplines and create groundbreaking new discoveries. We understand that uncovering innovative solutions requires a holistic approach, utilizing every factor at play. Our experts collaborate with researchers around the world to tackle complex issues impacting our planet today.


Living Knowledge for Life:  Providing research-based practical knowledge in life sciences for making life better for human and nature

Our Vision

Research Areas and Mission

  • Social Capital: Exploring Multilevel Relationships Within Social Capital Formation

  • Social Quantum: Bridging Quantum Physics to Social Sciences

  • Human Nature: Crossing Over Between Natural Laws and Human Behavior

  • Human Education: Innovating Education of Mind, Body and Soul for all Generations

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Research project 1 on Social capital of listed companies

  • Topic: The Influence of Human and Social Capital on the Market Value of Listed Companies

  • Start: November 2019

  • End: August 2020

  • Research project conducted by: Dr. Alois Maichel

  • Cooperation partner: FOM University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Wolf

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