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IAP's Initiative for Prevention of Violence Against Children in India (PVAC)

PVAC is a nationwide local language physical & video education program to prevent violence against children. The Program is an initiative of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), an apex child health body in India with 45,000 member pediatricians who treat 100 million children annually. The Program aims to enhance the capabilities of parents, teachers, and other caregivers across India through education and awareness. We aim to safeguard India's most vulnerable demographic from violence and neglect.

Image by Yogendra Singh
Image by Yogendra Singh

The Need

India is home to about 20% of the world's children. The health and security of the country's children are integral to any vision for its progress and development. Unfortunately, the prevalence of all forms of violence against children is still very high. Statistics reveal that one in four children faces violence. It is essential, therefore, to prompt efforts at national, state, and community levels to prevent violence against children.

Image by Shubham Sharan

Our Mission

As a national child health body trusted by all stakeholders, IAP intends to create and disseminate an education program to enhance the capabilities of parents, teachers and other caregivers with education and awareness to help save the most vulnerable children from violence and neglect.

The Program is a long-term, open-ended program of IAP. Dr Maichel Social Capital gGmbH is funding the initial phase and will make efforts to support IAP for subsequent phases of the Program.

Image by Yogendra Singh


Our primary objective is to create India’s most credible and useful education resource to minimize child abuse in India and assist victims of abuse.

Long Term Impact

The program will significantly improve the national capacity and quality of care in managing child abuse. By standardizing child abuse awareness, the program will help reduce the abuse rate through awareness, appropriate medication use, and standardized care protocols.

The Program

The IAP’s Education Program to Prevent Violence Against Children will include:

1. Professional Medical Education

This involves the creation of educational material for medical professionals like Pediatricians, Doctors, Family and Primary care Physicians, Gynecologists, Psychiatrists, Forensic medicine specialists, psychologists, nurses and medical social workers.

2. Patient Education

This involves the creation and dissemination of videos and screening tools in English and the 10 major Indian local languages for Parents, extended families, teachers, police, legal professionals, frontline health workers, children, Govt and Non-Govt Organizations.

Program Implementation

The Program is implemented in two phases:

Phase I

This phase involves setting up an expert committee and creating professional medical education material and caregiver resources. The committee, guided by key IAP members, will develop lecture materials, conduct trainings, and create videos and screening tools in various Indian languages for widespread accessibility.

Phase II

This phase focuses on public sector collaboration. Content will be made available to public sector participants in cooperation with government bodies, ensuring a wider reach and influence. The plan also includes a sustained social media campaign and regular updates to the educational material to maintain relevance and effectiveness.


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