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Social Business Coaching

Social enterprise and social entrepreneurs are becoming an increasingly important part of the modern economy. As businesses with a purpose and values, they bring both economic opportunity and social change to communities around the world. It is essential that we create opportunities to support and promote social entrepreneurs in building the necessary knowledge and skills for running a successful social enterprise.

The development of these skills is key to driving innovation in business models, creating employment opportunities, growing local economies, addressing global challenges and ultimately making sure that no one is left behind. Companies should be encouraged to offer resources such as mentorship programs, access to capital or other forms of support so that aspiring social entrepreneurs can develop their skills and knowledge base. Additionally, governments should provide grants or other incentives to help foster growth in this area.

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Envisioning & empowering people to create & sustain social business value to society

Our Vision

Coaching Areas and Mission

Combining the power of:

• vision perspective

• value creation

• strategy focus

• financial performance

to develop personal skills of social entrepreneurs

for leveraging their positive impact on society.

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SBC Project 1: GovShare

  • Social enterprise in formation (Philipp Schwarz)

  • Social enterprise goal: GovShare uses data visualization and semantics to better disseminate good solutions for municipal climate protection and resource conservation. Stakeholders from administration and politics can quickly see what already works or what has not worked elsewhere. In this way, municipalities can save the scarce commodities of time and money when implementing the right measures.

  • Coaching Focus in 2021: Vision Definition, SWOT Analysis and Competitive Differentiation


SBC Project 2: 

Sustain Awards

  • Sustain Awards produces high quality and sustainably produced trophies. Only environmentally friendly materials are used in production, such as recycled metals, woods and fabrics. These are refined in local workshops in Spain using environmentally friendly processing methods to create small and, above all, individualized works of art.

  • Through the support of Social Business Coaching in the area of "strategic focus", the European expansion in online sales started in 2022.

  • Learn more at

"6 months after Alois' advice on going Europe with Sustain Awards we just closed our first order : ) Also we receive a slowly growing amount of leads slowly but surely. Just thank your great advice!"

Jesús Andrés Martínez, Founder & CEO of Sustain Awards

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