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Making Human Life Flourish in balance

We are dedicated to serve the goal of promoting a powerful human life in a healthy environment and a supportive community.

This Is Our Story

In 2019, a non-profit company was founded by the owning family of Sandner. The company's aim was to create positive change in their local community. With that vision in mind, the family decided to transfer all shares of Sandner to a non-profit organization which they had established with this goal in mind. The donation allowed them to direct substantial resources towards philanthropic pursuits. They wanted to make sure that the money went back into their local community and they set up several initiatives, supported in particular by research, education and consulting.


Our Initiatives

IAP Initiative for Prevention of Violence Against Children in India (PVAC)

An all India local language physical & video education program on child protection for parents, teachers and other caregivers ​conducted by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP)

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MaiLife Institute

Providing research-based practical knowledge in life sciences for making life better for people and nature.

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Social Business Coaching

Promote and support social entrepreneurs in building and developing knowledge and skills for running a social enterprise.

SelfX Academy

A powerful, life-changing program designed to empower individuals to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

Dr. Alois Maichel

"My mission is to improve the social capital of the world

I consider it as my key responsibility to make a positive contribution to the social capital of the world by education & science - to change the lives of people to the better.  To pursue my vision of mastering responsibility for people, business and society, I feel that the focus on people & society and education & science is the right approach for me. I am convinced that any individual or organization can only be successful in the long term if they create added value for people and society."


Our Investments


„To create & distribute positive spirit products all over the world.“

SANDNER Vision Statement



All profit distributions from the business operations of SANDNER GmbH (for profit limited corporation) flow into social projects of Dr. Maichel Social Capital gGmbH (non-profit corporation) as 100% owner of SANDNER GmbH.


Meet the Team

Welcome to our team of passionate professionals dedicated to achieve our goals. Our interdisciplinary team is composed of an eclectic mix of experts. 


"We are dedicated to create a powerful human life in a healthy environment and a supportive community.”

Our mission


Get in contact with us!

Dr. Maichel Social Capital gGmbH
Historic School Building | Dürnbachstraße 11 | 83727 Schliersee, Germany | +49 (0) 171 351 97 23

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